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Immediately following falling in love with Rentarou, she finds their novel muscles the ultimate tool to train on

Immediately following falling in love with Rentarou, she finds their novel muscles the ultimate tool to train on

Kakure Meme [ ]

Rentarou’s eleventh girlfriend. Meme try a shrinking violet girl which goes out out of their treatment for feel a good «record character». She knits small plushies since the a spare time activity. Whenever exhausted or ashamed, Meme will all of a sudden disappear completely immediately and you will put among such plushies in which she is standing as a way out of misdirection if you’re she hides someplace nearby. Their unique relatives name, Kakure, are a pun on the Japanese keyword «to full cover up» (??).

Iin Chiyo [ ]

Rentarou’s twelfth girlfriend and his awesome junior twelfth grade old cousin. She’s got high tidiness inclinations which results in their own getting so angry whenever some thing are messy or sloppy you to this lady has to help you intervene and you may proper all of them. She is the course chairman out of their particular classification as a result, but covertly hates the high traditional they apply her. In the event the she will lose their own servings, their own nervousness is actually suddenly released and you may she gets a whining disorder. If you find yourself Rentarou got their bookings up against dating their relative, even with understanding the future she would have in the event the the guy did not accept her, the guy relented shortly after watching their own honest, pure confession. Her dad (and simply father or mother) Hiro, Rentarou’s sibling, approves regarding their own reference to him after an early Rentarou after forced your away from a racing vehicle, believing Rentarou are an informed boy globally as a result. Their name’s good pun toward Japanese keyword for a great president/lead committee president, iinchou (???).

Yamato Nadeshiko [ ]

Rentarou’s thirteenth girlfriend. Nadeshiko are an exchange teacher just who gets the brand new Japanese teacher from the his college. She claims to be Western, in facts she’s a natural-blooded Japanese which will be merely enthusiastic about The united states. Due to the fact a baby, their unique mothers forced their unique knowing and you may uphold the actions out-of an actual Japanese woman, supposed so far as securing their unique in the good storeroom whenever she made mistakes. Using one celebration, she receive a western flick, and you may upon viewing it, became so inspired of the versatility American college students was welcome compared to her own upbringing one she first started model their particular very existence and label after it, and that lead to their own moms and dads disowning their particular. She would rather end up being entitled Naddy. Their title ironically describes Yamato Nadeshiko, the latest personification off an enthusiastic idealized Japanese lady.

Yasashiki Yamame [ ]

Rentarou’s fourteenth girlfriend. Yamame was big and you will high than simply Rentarou’s almost every other girlfriends, it is demonstrated by Rentarou since the a soft heart which wants character. Yamame are Iku’s classmate and you will a member of the school’s gardening bar and that’s excessively compassionate to types of character. Possibly the weeds that grow on lawn are thought dear because of the their own and you may she even produced the backyard area for only weeds. Within her youth, she used to dislike their own high looks, however, immediately following enabling a child bird returning to their colony, she turned pleased with they since she can manage which help aside character. In her earlier in the day, she observed an untamed fire and you can install pyrophobia given that like fireplaces destroy herbs and you will animals. Just after Rentarou protected Yamame of a flame comically produced by the brand new school’s vice principal, she confessed their ideas tapaa Sri Lankan naiset so you can Rentarou as it was the initial date somebody got actually ever secure their own. Their unique relatives identity provides the pun to possess Reducing, Sashiki(???) along with her provided term literally means Slope Woman, talking about their level.

Momi Momiji [ ]

Rentarou’s fifteenth girlfriend. Momiji try Kurumi’s classmate and you can an experienced masseuse. Their massage treatments throws their members towards the your state off tall bliss, in the event it is more than likely because of her handsy characteristics, proclaiming that she keeps the «softness» out-of good female’s human anatomy. Their dream will be to be a greatest masseuse and you will in person massage therapy gravure designs. Her name is an excellent pun towards the Japanese term to own therapeutic massage, «momimomi».